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a film by wizzard films

"DAYS OF DIRT" will be the third film to be released by Wizzard Films.

Wizzard Films is a small company with one goal in mind: To showcase progressive sport in South Africa in a way it has never been seen before. With two ATV titles in the bag, "Thumb Throttle" and "Probation", we will now be shooting a MX film that will blow your mind!

Pre Production
We are currently busy with the pre production for "DAYS OF DIRT"

The Film will be directed by Riaan Rautenbach, Assistant Director will be Dean Hoffman and all camera will be done by Craig Kolesky and Riaan Rautenbach.

The film will be shot all over South Africa featuring our top MX riders. It will not only have sick action but will also look into the lives of the riders. Where they train, how they train, build ups to races, what they do in their spare time and what they do when they think nobody is watching.

Offcourse there will be Freestyle action with our top boys busting out massive tricks and going mad. There will also be trail riding and hardcore offroad racing!

Offcourse the music will be supplied by top South African Artists and Bands.

Any bands or artists that would like to submit music for the film, can just send an email and we will get back to you!
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We are still looking for potential advertisers/sponsors for this project. If you are interested please mail us so we can forward a proposal or showreel to you.

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a progressive attitude will allways pay!